Keeping our agreements with our inner selves is crucial to building respectful

 relationships with them, which is the key to calming the chatter.

I received a lot of positive responses to my recent newsletter article, Calm Your Inner Critic and Achieve Your Goals.

In the article I describe a writing exercise I used to better understand one of my inner critical voices that surfaced while I was in the process of setting my goals for the new year. I ultimately came to an agreement with myself that calmed my inner voices, quelled the conflict, and  allowed me to be more productive.

A few readers wrote to tell me how much they could relate to the critical voices inside that can be so overbearing. Others appreciated that I provided an easy-to-understand solution. And a friend sent an email with this fitting quote:

Your inner critic is often far more terrifying and

irrational than any person you know in real life.

I think it perfectly captures the essence of just how influential, and persistent, our critical voices can be.

In fact, let me update you about what happened a week after I sent the newsletter. The inner chatter came back — big time. It took me a few days to realize that my Reality self had more to say. She didn’t feel I was being diligent enough at tracking income and expenses.

So I sat down and refined my tracking system. Nothing too complex, just a subtle tweak that gives me a better view on the situation. Since then my mind has regained the welcome calmness, and I am feeling very focused and productive.

The experience reminded me – and I wanted to pass this along to you – that even with our inner selves, keeping agreements is vital to building respectful relationships.

Learning to converse honestly with your inner critic is a valuable tool to help you stay productive. When we honor all our inner voices, all parts of ourselves, we are less likely to get stuck under the weight of self-criticism.