You know that it includes an important message for you to communicate!

Yet, you are not quite sure what form your new idea will take.

And it is that lack of clarity that is causing you so much anxiety. Once you are clear, you know you have what it takes to be wildly successful. History has proven that, hasn’t it?

But, finding that clarity requires your time and attention.

I know as an established, high-achieving business owner, you don’t have time for long-term, complex business development programs.

That is why I developed …

 The Discovery Program

A strategic business exploration for those committed to making a difference

It is a one-on-one business coaching program that will give you the expanded perspective that you need to understand your situation — and identify what is needed for you to confidently resume your momentum.

It blends my 40-plus years of richly varied business experience with my deep understanding of the importance of honoring a person’s values, unique talents, and wisdom.

In addition, this program works because it leverages your intangible talents — those unique strengths that have been the bedrock of your long-term business success.

Let me explain.

So much of standard business advice focuses on external factors: cultural trends, brand identity, social media, or using the right words to get the results you want.

Don’t get me wrong, all these factors, and many more, are vitally important. But you and I both know that success that “feels right” and is sustainable results from both inner and outer factors.

Unfortunately, the inner ones are often shortchanged in traditional business discussions.

This might be why you are currently feeling uncertain about your business direction.

As a professional with a well-developed intuitive sense, you know it is just as important to focus on how you want to “be” in your work and your life as how the mechanics of a successful business work.

My approach respects your need for your work and personal time to support each other so that when you are at work you are fully present, and vice versa.

After The Discovery Program, clients go on to succeed because they now have a logical road map and the confidence to trust their inner guidance.

Your plan will emerge from our discussions. Throughout the process I will:

coach you as you clarify aspects that were still unformed

capture in writing what you already know but had not yet articulated

In addition, as your strategic partner, you will be able to ideate in a completely confidential space.

One client commented how she appreciated the chance to explore new ideas during our coaching sessions because her work environment did not support or welcome discussion of underdeveloped ideas.

My Approach Is Distinctive

I work with exceptional people, people who have great ideas and important messages to convey. The challenge is defining those ideas, clarifying the messages, and making them real. What is needed is to step out of the flurry and uncertainty so you can take a good look at the situation.

The Discovery Program is about taking the time to evaluate your situation so what is not yet known emerges. It is an approach that honors your unique, creative approach to life, while emphasizing solid business practices.

I developed it because in my many years in business I have noticed that all successful business owners take the time to fully understand their situation — including all conflicting information. This expanded perspective enables them to then take focused actions, over and over again.

Why This Program Works

The purpose of this program is to allow you to step back and look at your business from a higher level. This expanded perspective enables you to clearly see what is emerging and then design a realistic plan of action for you to overcome those limitations, allowing your income and impact to naturally increase.

We succeed with this because as we move step-by-step through The Discovery Program, you will become increasingly more confident and skilled as a business owner and know how to solve any business issue and identify a clear and focused solution.

This proven system will change the way you approach business forever. You will no longer be immobilized by business concerns because you will have the tools and understanding to move your business forward with confidence.

One tool I use with my clients, for example, is the ideal client profile. But simply identifying your target market isn’t enough. It is deeply understanding who you most enjoy working with that truly helps you create highly effective marketing and sales efforts that lead to greater impact and income.

What The Discovery Program Includes

One-on-One Coaching Sessions Spanning two to six months, we will meet by phone, the Zoom platform, or in person.

Strategic Partner I’ll bring my over 40 years of richly varied business experience to our in-depth discussions and partner with you to uncover solutions to move beyond your current situation.

Confidential Advisor Our process is completely confidential. You can be open and honest about the challenges you face and trust that I am on your team. I will not divulge to another any information you share without your permission.

Written Plan of Action The clues we are looking for will be uncovered during our sessions, and I will capture our conversations in writing – allowing us to create your custom, written Plan of Action.

Specific Guidelines I will share proven business development ideas with very specific guidelines and provide you with resources and materials to help you understand what you need to do next and how to do it.

Clarity and Accountability You’ll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next, including step-by-step plans. And I’ll hold you accountable for taking action and following through.

• Access for Quick Questions I’ll be available via email and phone between sessions, when you need me. If you have a question, need a resource, or want some quick feedback, you don’t need to wait until your next individual session.

What You Can Expect

Before our first session I will send you a questionnaire for you to complete and return. Replying to the questionnaire will help you clarify your business situation and help me understand the issues you face. In addition, you may send me web links, previously created material, marketing pieces, or even your best friend’s thoughts on your business — anything you think is relevant to your business.

I will carefully review all that you sent before our first session. This way, when we meet, we can immediately begin exploring your business situation.

During our sessions, we will discuss your business at length — its history, your most expansive vision, what is essential for you to feel successful, the distinctive intangible talents you bring, and the challenges you are facing.

If this is the first time anyone has truly listened to your business dream, you may be surprised to discover how transformational this process can be.

Between each session, I will integrate our discussion notes into your Discovery Document file and return it to you for review and revision. It will include any additional suggestions or questions that came to me since the previous meeting.

Your responsibility between our sessions is to review the file, revise to clarify anything I have written, and respond to my questions — and then return the updated file to me.

This file will move back and forth between us throughout the program, being revised and evolved — ultimately becoming your custom, written Plan of Action.

As your Plan of Action is being created, you will experience yourself standing taller and feeling more confident, knowing that what you have envisioned for so long really can become a reality.

This shift in you will happen because you will be making decisions from an expanded vantage point that aligns with what is most important to you, while using a foundational problem-solving model that all successful business owners know. 

Who This Program Is For

Established, high-achieving business owners such as small-business executives, coaches, artisans, consultants, attorneys, educators, and healthcare professionals

The builders and contributors of the world who are committed to making a difference  and intent on using their life experience and acquired wisdom

Solopreneurs who are exceptional at their work but are not achieving the income and impact they know is possible

The Next Step

Clarify the next stage of your business and create your custom Plan of Action to move your business forward!

Schedule a FREE 45-minute phone call.

During your free strategy coaching session we will discuss your business — where you are now and where you want to be. This session is a great way to get to know each other and see whether working together is the right decision for you. And, there’s no obligation beyond our meeting.

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What People Are Saying

“Roberta helped us maneuver through an unexpected bump in the road by insisting that we focus on our worth, redefine our business values, and clarify the direction we wanted to move.

Her great energy, insights, and humor supported us as we expanded our marketing efforts — including creating a new, dynamic website that we love.”

Tom and Angela Campbell, Water Scout, Irrigation specialists for estate properties

“What I love about Roberta is the way she listens. She understands that I am a spiritual businesswoman and listens carefully to hear my values and the intuitive guidance behind my business model and plan.

If you want to develop the confidence, clarity, and conviction that you are here on this earth doing what you came to do, help has arrived, and her name is Roberta! I recommend her without question.”

Anasuya Floan, A Course in Miracles Study Group Facilitator

“Roberta is astute: she listens and discerns my most urgent area of focus. She respects my creative, multifaceted approach and has been instrumental in helping me incorporate solid business models and strategies into a creative, wellness-oriented global business.”

Cat Caracelo, MA, Cat Caracelo Coaching