Nurturing Your Business Through Difficult Times

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What business challenges are you facing right now while we are sheltering at home? What adjustments have you made to your work-life? Could you use some bright ideas and inspiration to support you and your business? Join me April 20 for the next Great Ideas Business Group. Learn how others are taking care of themselves [...]

March 16: Increase Your Business Confidence

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Whenever you say "I got this," you know you have what it takes to achieve what you want in a given situation – whether it is fixing dinner or writing a blog post. You move into the project with self-assurance. What would it take to embody this sentiment in your business? You weren’t born confident [...]

Calm Your Inner Critic – Follow-Up Thoughts

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Keeping our agreements with our inner selves is crucial to building respectful  relationships with them, which is the key to calming the chatter. I received a lot of positive responses to my recent newsletter article, Calm Your Inner Critic and Achieve Your Goals. In the article I describe a writing exercise I used to better [...]

Calm Your Inner Critic and Achieve Your Goals

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A thrilling goal — one that gives you butterflies and pushes you to greatness — will never seem realistic in the moment — not ever. I broke up with my goal-setting system. Once I realized that I can’t be my true self in the relationship, I didn’t have a choice. The system I have been [...]

Reflections on Giving

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The moral of the classic Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol, is that being generous leads to a happier life, while penny-pinchers become grumpy and miserable. As you might remember, the storyline is that during the night Scrooge is visited by three ghosts who show him his past, present, and future. He wakes a changed [...]

Step Into Your Opportunity

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 Sustained change happens one choice at a time.   When my father-in-law died, Steve, my late husband, and I raced back east to be with family. Until that point Steve and his mom’s relationship had always been strained, to put it mildly. However, during this difficult time, he chose to change their relationship once and [...]

Love Your Work: Shape Your Days Around Your Strengths

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Very few things impact business success more than building your daily activities around your intrinsic strengths that you most love using.     What are “intrinsic strengths”? Actor Benedict Cumberbatch helps answer this question when he said, “I do love my job. Don’t tell anyone producer this, but I’d almost do it for free, I [...]

Rest: The Success Secret I Share with Arianna Huffington

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Early last year, as I revisited what was essential for me to feel successful in my business, this question ran through my mind: What if being rested really is non-negotiable for my success? It stopped me in my tracks. Some background. I had noticed that recently I had been saying that I work better when [...]

Why Are You Really in Business?

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Explore below the surface to craft a mission statement that draws your ideal clients to you. Often within business planning, a business owner’s “why” is considered their mission. According to Merriam-Webster“a mission is a preestablished and often self-imposed objective or purpose.” “Self-imposed” seems to imply that we decide on our direction. But many of the [...]