So Many Good Ideas Workshop

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So Many Good Ideas. So Little Time. Does this sound like you? If so, my Saturday, January 26 workshop is designed for you. Learn how to decide which great business idea to pursue. The key? Answer three foundational questions and experience making the kind of focused business decisions that lead to increased income, impact, and [...]

A Gift From Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks gave me a great gift. Well, not directly. It came to me through one of his movies. Let me explain. In Larry Crowne, Hanks lives alone in a cluttered home. One of his friends, upon seeing his home, decides to reorganize his belongings. She brings over a couple strong friends and together they [...]

One Word Can Shift Your Perspective

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Sometimes a single word can open up a whole new vista. This recently happened to me while reading, “Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization.” The authors, Dave Logan, John King, and Hallee Fischer-Wright, introduced the idea of using the word “outcomes” instead of “goals” when clarifying what an individual or group [...]

Make That One, Small Confident Choice

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We each have activities that we do as a matter of course, things that others don’t do on a regular basis. They are so integrated into our lives that something extraordinary would have to happen for us not to do them. These “matter-of-course” activities are non-negotiable. For example, • Some of us file our tax [...]

I Want to Be Perfectly Honest

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My material – the articles I write, the presentations I give, and the workshops I facilitate – about how to be successful in business is a work in progress. The more I explore the world of creating successful ethical-based businesses, the more I learn, and the more my work and message evolve. Why am I [...]

Cream Cheese Sandwich! I Don’t Like It!

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A construction worker complains every time he opens his lunch pail: "Cream cheese sandwich! I don't like it!" This goes on for days and weeks. Finally, his coworker says, "Why don't you ask your wife to make something different for you?" To this he replies, "I'm not married. I make my own sandwich!" It is [...]

Passion Isn’t Enough … for Business Success

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What Piece Is Missing? You launched your business knowing you are very good at what you do. At that time, you had great passion for what you offered. You felt the very real difference your work was making. At times, it has even been an extraordinary, “beyond words” experience. You might even say it was [...]

A Little “Eccentric” Is Welcome

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Over the years, business owners have shared with me some pretty expansive ideas. Honestly, I have loved hearing every one of them. Most of them were told to me in confidence, so I won't describe them in detail here. But I feel it's okay to say that many of the expansive ideas I've heard have [...]

Switch to an Empowering Perspective

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Recently, I met with group of professionals over coffee. We were updating each other on how business was for the first three months of this year. One woman commented that she had earned more money during that time than she had all of last year. Really? I was impressed! I was pleased for her, yet [...]