My background shapes my business

As a Santa Rosa area business coach and the owner of Ryan Business Design, I have devoted the last fifteen years helping visionary business owners achieve greater income, make a bigger impact and attain professional success.

My personal and diverse experiences in business—in both large and small settings—have shaped the ways that I support others as a coach today. I learned firsthand what it takes to be self-employed over the course of 15 years as the co-owner of a landscape company known for its commitment to sustainable practices. In addition, I have held positions in retailing, outside sales, real estate and education.

My mission

My work is grounded in my belief that many of the ills of our culture are due to unethical business practices on a global scale. For this reason, my mission is to inspire and empower visionary business owners to bring their work fully to the world—coaching them as they craft businesses that align with their values, fully express their wisdom and provide them with the financial abundance they deserve.

My clients change lives

I help passionate business owners succeed so they can focus more deeply on their life-changing work. My clients are people who are motivated by the value their work brings to others. Because they bring commitment, wisdom and expertise to their work, their clients’ lives are changed for the better. These exceptional business owners hire me because they are uncertain how to achieve the professional success they know is possible.

My work supports success

I believe that when a business is aligned with the owner’s values, expertise and wisdom, there is far greater chance for success. Once my clients achieve this alignment, the enjoyment they experience through their work outshines the inherent challenges of business ownership.

This alignment comes from decisions made from a “felt sense,” which is the direct result of the heart and head in agreement. Helping clients recognize and trust this feeling is the essence of my work. Whether talking with a client in an initial call or mapping out a long-term business design, I guide clients to make decisions they feel confident about.

I am able to do this because I see patterns and dynamics in people’s lives and businesses, giving me the ability to bring clarity to complex situations. This ability, coupled with decades of richly varied business experience, enables me to help my clients arrive at informed decisions. I help my clients gain the clarity and master the tools they need to become skilled, confident and successful business owners.

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  • Bachelor of Arts from Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio; combined majors of Business and Holistic Health
  • Coach certification from the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California

What People Are Saying

Wise & Caring

Roberta is knowledgeable, wise and caring. I highly recommend her without reservation. She did an outstanding job holding a space as I became clear and excited about the directions I wanted my business to take.”
Christopher Doyle, LMFT, RDT

Facilitated Clarity

Over the last six months, with Roberta’s support and guidance, I have moved from a sense of uncertainty about my direction to one of professional confidence and enthusiasm for what is unfolding.”
Lori Ingram, JD
Elder Advocate and Fiduciary Services


Roberta’s clear, consistent guidance has inspired and empowered me to bring to fruition what I have been talking about doing for years. Her role as a coach has evolved my deep understanding of my business and myself. I value her insight, and credit her with the fact that my business has grown every year in the last eight years I worked with her.”
Tom McGuire, DDS, Owner,
The Wellness Institute

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