Are you a small-business owner who is committed to making a difference?

Perhaps you are  frustrated and feel that your lack of business experience is getting in the way of your success? If so, then we should talk.

I work with business owners who are exceptional at their work—people who are passionate to contribute their life experience and wisdom—but who are not achieving the income and impact they know is possible.

If this sounds like you, your challenges may be because you have not have found a business development program that truly honors your values and approach to life.

The Discovery Program is different.


It’s about getting beyond the mental clutter that is holding you back in your business, while providing you with solid business practices that honor who you truly are and what’s important to you.

It’s a one-on-one coaching program that respects your integrity and responds to your heart and soul, never assuming what’s right for you.

It’s built on 30-plus years of richly varied business experience that blends effective business practices with intuition and compassion.

I invite you to find out more about how The Discovery Program can help you clear your mental clutter and take confident steps to increasing your income and impact. And make sure you get your free e-book, “Know Your Value: How Owning Your Worth Impacts Your Income.”

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Get your FREE copy of my e-book!

ebook-475wAre you’re ready to move forward, get inspired and ramp up your business NOW?

I invite you to download your FREE copy of my e-book, Know Your Value: How Owning Your Worth Impacts Your Income.

In this value-packed e-book, you’ll learn the important difference between assets and strengths. Find out how knowing and embracing your strengths—those intangible talents that are unique to you—will impact the money you earn and the impact you make.

You will also learn how I evolved from someone who knew I had something important to say, but was fearful of speaking, into a courageous, budding writer and speaker.

Knowing your self-worth is the key to creating a business with income and impact. Included in the e-book is an easy-to-use exercise that will start you on your way to identifying your strengths. Own your worth, take action and make a difference!

Click here to get your free copy of “Know Your Value: How Owning Your Worth Impacts Your Income.”

Education, inspiration and down-to-earth ideas—all just a click away. Download the e-book now and let me know what you think!

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